2021 Incredibly Dreamy Wedding Dresses

If you’re getting married soon, you’ll know that one of the best tasks is to choose your wedding dress! We’ve rounded up some of Ireland’s most beautiful wedding dresses to make it easier for you to find them. Whether you want something pretty and lacy, casual and long-sleeved, or sleeveless, there’s something for every bride.  
We like a bit of glitz and glamour and there’s no better day to break out the sparkle than on your wedding day. If you’re after the wow factor for your big moment, glamorous wedding dresses might be on your radar. Embellishments are always a tremendous trend year in year out on the bridal front and this year is no exception. Bridal designers are adorning dresses with diamantes, sequins, and pearls galore to make some real showstoppers. Whether you’re looking for highlights in a corset or a diamond-encrusted dress, you’re sure to find something underneath!
However, we also love a long sleeve for winter weddings – they look incredibly stylish plus they’ll keep you that little bit more snug! We love them so much we compiled a gorgeous guide to long sleeve wedding dresses – take a peek here. But if you are getting married during the chillier months of the year, you don’t have to cover up the arms! There are many beautiful dresses that are perfect for a winter wedding. From feathers, ruffles, and dazzling diamond details to lace features, shawls, and stunning floral appliques, there are some gorgeous finishes and fabrics that are the perfect feel for a winter wonderland.
Designers are also looking at stunning long-sleeved dresses in their fall 2019 and 2020 wedding collections. This is a gorgeous choice for autumn/winter brides after a little more coverage and warmth. They come in various different styles, from chic tulle sleeves to elegant lace Numbers to sparkling diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a classic prom dress, a slight boho look, or a dazzling classic-style dress, there’s something for every style of the bride!