Find Best Outfit For Wedding Guests This Summer from Reiss Collection

It’s spring now, I always think about weddings on weekends. And, honestly, a year doesn’t seem to go by without one or two wedding invitation, but then what to wear is always a conundrum to most of us.
Well, if you’re thinking about this very question, I have a quick answer for you right here because Reiss, has all the answers.
David Reiss created label Reiss in 1971, it is well knowned for its creating design-led womenswear, menswear and accessories. You’ll know this label from the high street and its latest collection is just perfect for wedding guests.
The spring/summer dresses range tend to focus more on leisure and I can’t tell you how much I love this. Wedding guest outfits are alway featuring with a restrictive, traditional design, but Reiss find their way to maintains a polished aesthetic whilst feeling a little more relaxed. I just adore the artful draping, the blush hues and the new neutrals. It’s bliss for any guest. 
You might expect more from Reiss, they have a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and beautiful details. They drew their inspiration from the past, which gives a really timeless feel to these piecesn like Picasso’s line drawings and the works of florist Simone Gooch, films such as ‘A Bigger Splash’ and ‘Plein Soleil’ . All make their design a laid-back luxury with cultural depth.
So, you can’t miss the mixed media bespoke fabrications in the occasionwear collection, it’s really something special and there’s a really fresh and impactful feel to these designs. Lace, devore detailing and quirky textured surfaces all play their part and there’s embroidery and embellishment add further interest.
I am a huge fan of the sculptural silhouettes that sit alongside soft pieces and there’s a strong focus on draping and twisting too. The fabrics linen and linen-jersey are also perfect for sundresses events, and can be seen throughout the collection and there’s also some really fabulous lingerie-inspired styling. I’m fascinated in the modern romantic pieces which is a volatile mix with sartorial jackets and easy separates and the versatile looks they have.
Besides all of this, there’s also lots of crisp cotton and loose silk along with those amazing colours. It’s no denying that Reiss have made themselves a go-to label for every wedding guest.